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Responsible Ag
Congratulations to the Marshall, Ruthton, Tracy and Elkton Agronomy locations for becoming a certified Responsible Ag Facility. This certification recognizes the commitment all of our facilities have ...(continue reading)

Advice for Growers in Today’s Economy
[gap height="20px"]Many growers are turning to agronomists, ag retailers and other industry experts for advice about the best ways to strengthen their farming operations. Topics including soil ...(continue reading)

5 Things to Know about Dicamba in 2017
United Soybean BoardThe agriculture industry has been working hard to provide the most effective herbicides to help slow down and minimize the growing weed resistance problem. However, efforts wit ...(continue reading)

5 Ways to Ensure Better Soybean Health
United Soybean BoardAlthough each crop has specific needs to be able to achieve their maximum economic yield, soybeans have earned themselves a reputation for being a lower-maintenance crop. Growe ...(continue reading)

Strategies to Ensure Soil Health
US Department of AgricultureSoil consists of numerous working parts that when at balanced levels, make the perfect recipe to house and grow healthy crops. There is not a one-answer-fits-all approa ...(continue reading)

Celebrate National Ag Day on March 21
“Growing up in rural South Dakota, surrounded by farms and ranches as far as the eye could see, I never gave the food supply chain a second thought. It was intertwined in everything I did,” writes ...(continue reading)

5 Ways to Ensure the Best Stand
LivingLandscapeArchitectureUniform stand establishment is a critical component in achieving maximum yield potential. With unexpected weather and other uncontrollable factors often impacting the cr ...(continue reading)

Preparing for a Successful Planting Season
Ian SaneAs the weather begins to creep into warmer temperatures and the sun lingers in the sky longer in the evening, thoughts of spring come to mind.With the 2017 planting season quickly appr ...(continue reading)

As a courtesy to your LP driver
As a courtesy to your LP driver please make sure there is a path shoveled to your LP tanks before delivery. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!




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