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Using Soil Sampling Results To Improve Your Next Crop
 We recently discussed the importance of soil sampling and what growers learn from testing samples from their field. Now we want to look more at what the results can tell the grower and h ...(continue reading)

Due to impending weather the CHS annual meeting that was scheduled for Friday February 24th has been postponed to Friday March 3rd, 2017 at the Caboose in Tracy. Please travel safe if you need to be ...(continue reading)

Identifying Grain Bin Hazards
Grain bin hazards aren't limited to entrapment or engulfment. Other, equally-hazardous situations include augers, bin collapses, Power Take-Offs (PTOs), fires and explosions, toxic atmospheres, electr ...(continue reading)

4 Ways Growers Can Increase Yield
 For growers, learning how to increase yield each season is a career-long process, and one that will continue to change as soils change, resistant weeds expand and new technology is intro ...(continue reading)

Grain Bin Entrapment: What if it Happens to You?
A man unloading a grain bin was trapped for nearly five hours when his foot became caught under the side of a sweep auger motor and he was buried in grain above his waist. Courtesy of the Oklahoma Coo ...(continue reading)

Grain Bin Safety Week 2017
Initiated by Nationwide in 2014, Grain Bin Safety Week is an annual campaign recurring the third full week of February to promote grain bin safety on farms and commercial grain-handling facilities. ...(continue reading)

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our CHS family. Maya Evelyn Nelson, Daughter of Mitch and Nicole Nelson. ...(continue reading)

CHS Marshall Average Pricing Program
CHS Marshall will be offering an Averaging Pricing Program for both old and new crop corn and soybeans.  Bushels must be enrolled in the program by February 28th.  The fee for corn is 3 cents and so ...(continue reading)

2 Tips to Help Growers Plant Early This Season
 Lower commodity prices and compressed planting times are encouraging growers to plant their crops earlier and in uncertain weather conditions.There are advantages to planting early i ...(continue reading)

How Growers Can Prevent Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) is a common soil issue in some areas of the country. IDCtends to occur in soil with high pH levels, which can prevent plant roots from reducing iron to a ...(continue reading)




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