Safety Day 2014

By Maureen McKamey, FOX at 9pm Anchor

In Tracy today, the classroom was moved outside.

The day's lesson plan for about 70 third graders: farm safety.

Connor Towne, a third grader in Tracy says, "When you press on the pedal you have to look at what speed you're going."

That's only one of 9 lessons that kids learned today, and it's something that teachers think is valuable.

Kris Salmon, a Tracy third grade teacher says, "It's important, especially this time of year because so many students are rural students or come from a farming background. So it's important for them to get those reminders."

The one–day event was put on by a national organization called CHS, (what the letters stand for here), one of the largest farmer–owned cooperative.

Jerry Beck, an agronomist, says, "We decided to do it here was a logical place, it is a very agricultural based town. Big elevators almost in all the towns so we thought it would be good for the kids."

This simulator shows the dangers of getting buried in corn. Experts say to be able to save someone you have to be able to lift twice the amount of your own body weight. For example, if someone weighs 115 pounds, they would have to lift 230. Hardly an easy task that just goes to show you how dangerous it can be on the farm.

Towne says, "It can roll you in and you might die."

Lessons in safety added to the wealth of knowledge they already have from a life on the farm.

Towne says, "I pretty much know a lot about tractors."

CHS hopes to put on this event for years to come.

Some area companies also donated time and equipment to put on the day on the farm.

-KEYC News 12,  Posted: Sep 05, 2014 5:17 PM CDT , Updated: Sep 08, 2014 5:17 PM CDT

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